I’m not sure the first time I heard the word “malarky” but I knew immediately what it meant.  The message was – “that’s not the truth”.  The online dictionary actually puts it this way:

“Noun: malarky – empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk;”

Yup – empty rhetoric.  NO SUBSTANCE…might be the opposite definition.

Of course this is on my mind because VP Joe Biden used it more than once last night.  I won’t comment on the debate as I might appear to be siding with one side….and you KNOW how neutral I am on this one.  However I did get a charge out of the comment from Biden…MALARKY.  Did he practice that?

I certainly remember my Mom using that word…perhaps my Dad too.  It was a kind way of saying – yer lyin’ BOY! (said with an ol’ west twang…while chewin’ tabackee and leanin’ on yer saddle).

Have you ever noticed how many times people will say “To tell the truth….”  I always wonder when I hear that “is everything else malarky?”

Telling the truth seems to be hard for many.  The temptation to bend the truth for ones own benefit seems irresstible.  Now in case you feel I’m being too hard on everyone else I admit to being guilty of this once in a while myself.  Even as I’m saying…it wasn’t my fault, he cut me off…” I know what I’m really doing is bending the truth for my own advantage.  MALARKY!

I remember telling my Mom some truth benders…but then she seemed to know it was malarky before I finished the sentence.  That seems to be a gift mothers have.

Jesus reminded us that the truth would set us free.  That’s the problem with lies – they get us into trouble because one leads to another, and often as our mothers proved, lies are often recognizable and even when they aren’t one lie leads to another.  “Oh what a tangled web we weave…”

So stick to the truth in your living – and leave the malarky to others.


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