Would you say anything?

Yesterday was a flight to St. John’s for the division’s Leadership Development Initiative.   Over the past five years I have done a great deal of flying and there are a few things that I have observed.

It seems like everyone is in a hurry to get from the gate onto the plane – why hurry?  I’ve been the last on many times.  My seat is already reserved, my gear is either stowable under the seat or checked so I don’t see the reason to run down the bridge to wait in the plane aisle while people stow their luggage.

Second observation: some people don’t understand the checked luggage system – on almost every flight someone brings on a suitcase that’s too big and it ends up being hoisted back down the aisle to go into the hold.

Third observation: most planes don’t give you that much room – unless you’re on a 777 sitting in a pod – and so you need to be aware of how your comfort affects others.  Today I had walked down towards the rear of the plane for reasons that are obvious.  I noticed that a man was stretched out fully in his seat with it reclined as far as he could get it.  Behind him sat a woman that was almost pinned by his seat.  He looked comfortable – she looked crushed.

I thought of mentioning it to him but was sure that it would be warmly welcomed…and besides I’m not a flight attendant.  Then I thought of that lady and how I have felt when in a similar situation.  So I gently mentioned to the man that the passenger behind him seemed crushed – at the very least uncomfortable.  His wife elbowed him and the lady behind gave me a big thumbs up and a smile.

So here’s my plea to air travelers – keep an eye out for your fellow passenger.

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