Through the South Carolina Swamp

The airboat

Wendy coming down the dock

One of the things we did while on vacation in South Carolina was to take a ride on an airboat.  Can you say “choot ’em”?  Surprisingly they didn’t give us guns and we didn’t shoot any ‘GATORS!  In fact in the end we didn’t see any gators either but we did see some turtles basking in the sun.  Apparently if you’re going to take a ride in an air boat you need to do while the tide is low – with a high tide the gators can hide easily.

By the way do you know the difference between a swamp and a marsh?  Well thanks to Adele for educating us – a swamp has trees and marsh doesn’t.

It was fun though and a unique experience – I mean really – how many people do you know who have been on an airboat?

The engine on this is a V-8 so when it’s full throttle it can really move!  But it doesn’t have reverse!  So don’t go where you might need to back up.

Harvey and Adele zooming

Our driver was a good ol’ boy who was very friendly and showed us some interesting things – like the Osprey nests – they seemed to be everywhere.  He said by September most of the Osprey had migrated to Florida and the Eagles would come and take over the nests through the winter.

Our driver was coming to Canada in October – to Saskatchewan specifically.  He comes north early to go “huntin’ ” for ducks and geese.

So if you’re near a swamp take a ride in an airboat – I think you’ll enjoy it!

Through the water ways

Osprey nest

Back at the dock

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