Sure glad I had my data backed up!

And so the Dell comes to an end – it’s dual core processor and limited ram couldn’t keep up….though I suspect that 4 yr old motherboard was probably about to give out.  The new HP with it’s quad core processors, 8 GB of DSRAM and 2 TB hard drive should keep us going for a while.  BUT…not without taking some time to move files and recapture my loved photographs.

If I’ve made a good investment in the past 2 years it is my WD 1TB back up drive. Yes siree – right now I’m thrilled that all my photos, good and bad alike, are safely copied to my external hard drive and are even now being posted back into Adobe Photo Elements.  Then I’ll load my new copy of Lightroom and begin working with it!

Now if only I could find my up to date Adobe Elements!!  So far the only version I’ve been able to lay my hands on is version 3…somewhere here is version 8!

Is the content of your hard drive backed up?

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