It’s Sunday morning – turn your smart phone ON!

I’m sorry I don’t get it.  With the advent of cell phones we asked people to turn them off coming into worship – I mean I know what it’s like to have some one’s phone ring loudly just as you get to an important moment in the service.  But with the advent of “silence” or “vibrate” as optional rings on our phones the need to shut them off is vanishing.

And here’s the thing – as HBR points out – the secular world is looking for ways to integrate Internet use in getting feedback, giving people a view of where we are (location software), using QR codes to provide more information on products and then allowing people access to post reviews right off the product’s website!  The integration of technology and life continue.  Some may argue we need to keep technology out of the sacred – maybe silent – spaces.  I would disagree and desire to convince people to encourage the opposite.

So here’s my pitch – I would like to see smart phones out in our services.  I envision a tech savvy generation posting on Foursquare their location, signed into their social media of choice (there’s much more than just Facebook) to tell those connected to them (their community) that God, worship and spiritual life is important. I would like to envision a congregation that senses God is doing something in their lives – at posts about it right then and there!  A modern recording of the woman at the well or the blind beggar healed in the market!  I envision godly men and women posting “wow did you see how God changed that life!”.

I see people posting about what they had for supper,  which relative they are visiting this week, what they bought at the grocery store!  So why not tell about their commitment to live a godly life?

Ok – so are you all riled up?  Are you ready to leave me a stinging comment about the spiritual and secular lives needing to be “off line” once in a while?  I”m with you.  When I ‘m sitting with Wendy over supper I should be off line.  When I’m trying to be deep in prayer the smart phone should go away.

I’m not for being wired up 24/7….I’m for allowing my faith to be public.  I’m not satisfied with a private faith.  That doesn’t even make sense to me.

So here’s my final thought: this Sunday – take out your smart phone – dial in your social media of choice and share your faith!  If you do – would you let me know?  I would love to hear from you!  On Twitter, I’m @fredh20s should you want to know!

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