It’s a bittersweet night

It’s a bittersweet night.  Phil and Amanda are with us – arrived around supper time!  We had steaks on the BBQ…returned their rental car…played Mario Cart with Amanda…and took our photos as a remembrance of their visit.

The alarm is set for 4:20 a.m. (yes you read that right) to take them to the airport for their 7 a.m. flight to Calgary.

It has been wonderful to have them here – and yes, speaking from the heart, we would like to keep them here – to ourselves.  Sorry Dave and Sue…we’re feeling a bit selfish right now.

Tonight is bittersweet.  They are under our roof.  Ate with feet under our table.

But tomorrow they go home.

We will miss them.

I remember when Phil was about 2…Jason was 5…we were visiting with my parents.  Leanne and Cath were still at home and for the first time in a long time, all three of my parent’s children were under their roof.  Feet under their table.  As the night wrapped up and everyone headed to sleep, my Dad made one of his insightful yet sentimental comments: “You realize that you’re all under our roof tonight.  This might never happen again.”

I know that sounds a bit morbid, but as we age we recognize the irreplaceable value of some of these experiences.  We see the brevity of life – the fragility of it from a different perspective.  We know how fragile we are.

So with the joy of Phil and Amanda under our roof tonight – we thank God for their being able to be here.  We thank God for their genuine character of compassion, mercy, kindness and love.  They are good people.  What more could we want – for us and for them.

A funny thing happened tonight.  Phil decided he wanted a photo of the four of us – a serious photo.  No fingers up the nose, no crossed eyes, no funny faces.  Yeah – Phil wanted it serious.  I know I thought the same.

So we lined up…and….

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