Social Media in Church

The day after we have been stopping to remember those killed, wounded…left behind by the events of September 11, 2001 I am posting loving pictures of family.  The tenderness and innocence of Rachel has not been lost on any of us.  She has a purity that transcends the horrible events being presented to us in the news.

I am realizing that as I’m posting these photos for friends and family to see, I am missing Susan in many of them.  I’m wondering how “MOM” could be missing from her little girl’s picture.  After all who is more important to a little girl, especially in these early days?  I will need to rectify that in the days to come.

Sunday we were in Brampton to share in the morning service.  I had decided some time ago to try something a bit different – so with the permission of the Officers there (our friends Bert and Kathy) I asked all those had smart phones to pull them out and to post to Facebook, Twitter or their social media preference as the service progresses.

It is a bit out of the ordinary, in fact we post signs and make announcements asking people to turn OFF their phones.  I’ve done it myself.

But I’ve been convinced lately that we are missing the mark and ignoring what could be a very powerful tool.  So I’ve asked people to let their friends and followers know where they are, what is happening and what they are learning.  I know there are some who are afraid to pull them out in case they should be thought of playing games or being distracted.  These tools are here and hopefully people are mature enough to use them wisely.  And if they aren’t mature enough…well, people have been distracted in church for hundreds of years.

I’m going to be doing this elsewhere…we’ll see what kind of response I get in the long term.  I’ve learned my friend Neil Watt is on Twiiter as is Lynda.  I am surprised – not sure why – but I am.

So what do you think – is this a good idea?  Would you be hesitant to pull out your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android?

I would love to know.

Last point – it has been wonderful to have Philip and Amanda with us.

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