Red Deer Quilt Show

Gorgeous colours
Yesterday and today was the Quilt Show in Red Deer….since we were in the neighbourhood we decided to take it in…well, I took it in while Fred went to test drive some cars…and then joined me for lunch and a quick tour around the centre.
Wedding Dress Quilt

There were plenty of gorgeous quilts on display.  This one was made from old wedding dresses  by a multi-generational quilting family – grandmother, mother and daughter – the detail was exquisite!  Another prize winning quilt.

This isn’t the largest of quilt shows, but it did have some good displays, provided lots of inspiration and many good kits for sale!  I could have spent a fortune…but only picked up a few things I had been lookng at.

Quilt Store Displays

Do you attend quilt shows?  If you do, do you look for special deals?  Do you take in the teaching seminars?  There were many women (and a few men) picking up a number of purchases, you could pick out the experienced show attendees – they were the ones that brought their own shopping bags on wheels for their great finds!

Quilts on Display

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  1. mom says:

    wow what beautiful work

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