512 km from the Arctic Circle

We’re in Yellowknife today.  Yellowknife is 512 km south of the Artic Circle and when we arrived yesterday they were having a bit of a heat wave at minus 7.   We were assured by Dale that Yellowknife weather would be back and before the day was out sure enough we found ourselves walking down the street to our hotel in very cold, very snowy weather.  By the way if you’ve bought a Canadian diamond it likely came from here.

You might remember this is where I was in May when my retina detached.  So far so good.

I’ve come to really love the north – I would say I’ve grown protective of our work here though it is a challenging place for us to operate.  Funding is always an issue, retaining personnel keeps us on our toes and the need seems to outstrip our abiltiy to provide service.

If you read this and have a moment remember our people and our work here in the north.  Speaking of prayer one of our session mates, Anne, has been diagnosed with cancer and it has moved into her bones.  She is our age…so she’s not old…so we have been remembering her in prayer.  Would you?

Off to face the elements and to enjoy a day speaking on faith and friends!

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