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AC for the RV

The AC unit is on!

We’re ready for summer…hopefully a hot summer!  We have put an AC unit on the trailer.  The one thing about Alberta summers – they just are not that hot!  Warm perhaps at times…but not that “I’m melting” humid heat that makes you feel like you are living in an oven.

Frankly – I am looking forward to that!

At any rate the RV is back.  Of interest was the fact that when they disassembled the Fantastic Fan that was where the AC unit is now, they discovered that there was a screw that went through one of the 120 volt lines.  That too is fixed.

And – then when I got up on the roof I found where we are getting water into the trailer.  I’ll be posting a video of the repair in a couple of weeks when I have time to do so.  Right now…back to packing!


Full Time RVers

When I dream, and it isn’t very often I do, it would be about the kind of experience that is called Full Timing!  That doesn’t mean finding a full time job – I have that and more.  It refers to living in an RV full time.  Here’s one couple’s adventure in an Air Stream Travel Trailer.  They have the Classic Air Stream.

Having an Air Stream would be fine – very nice trailer.  You can see their travels on You Tube and frankly, considering all the junk out there, this is a great series of short videos.

What kind of financial engine they have to do this isn’t quite clear but they do so as they say, using their laptops. There are dozens of ways, but of course none of them seem open to us at this point in our lives. But marrying a hobby with lifestyle does seem to be a dream come true!

If you could do anything (within reason) what would you do?  Would you join us on the road?  It’s minus 30 tonight so the road would definitely head south!

Twas the night before holidays…well, actually I suppose tomorrow night is – but since we’ve taken to filling the trailer with all good things ie. food, clothes, food, chairs, food, snacks etc… I’ve been thinking maybe, just maybe, we will be ready to head out tomorrow night!  Wouldn’t that be grand!!

We hit the grocery store tonight and first into the cart (after a few fresh fruit items) was the required bag of salted in the shell peanuts – a holiday food for sure!

I bought a couple pair of shorts…a couple of times…because in the past it seemed I only had one pair.  Somehow my shopping has gotten out of hand because it seems I know have shorts and shirts enough to throw away after each day.  How did that happen – I’m not a shopper, in fact I really don’t enjoy buying clothes.  So the laundry work will be limited.

Holidays also mean books to be read – I’ve got a few set aside and I’ve picked up a book I read many years ago for a refresher, “John P. Kotter on What Leaders Really Do”.