2014 Toronto RV show

Always at home in an RV

So Saturday (past) was the 2014 Toronto RV show.  It’s been a few years since I made it to one of the RV shows and so I’ve been looking forward to this.  We went with Les and Tiffany and had a great time.

So what’s the difference between an Ontario RV show and an Albertan RV show?  Several things actually. The first of course is size – while the shows out west were big the number of trailers here was huge.

Hello Tiffany

Secondly was the number of smaller trailers in this show.  With the high price of gas and a strong commuter factor vehicles here are smaller and so smaller trailers are the target for this market.  The choice in small trailers has grown significantly and the manufacturers have used new technologies to give to these little trailers some very nice features.

Tear drop rear outdoor kitchen

The third difference is at the other end of the spectrum.  While the AB RV shows tended to show the really big trailers and motor homes this show didn’t have many of those extreme units.  Most of the trailers and fifth wheels we looked at were less than 38 feet.  I did see one big 40 foot plus dual axle diesel pusher but just one.

checking out the curtains

The RV supply (parts and accessories) was very good and we did pick up a couple of things – cherry scented black tank treatment (wow that smells good – now).  And we picked up a cleaner for the underside of the awning – seems to work great but unfortunately does not smell like cherries – or peaches!

Is it big enough?

I think one of the enticements for me in going to the RV show is that it gives me a sense that summer is coming – spring isn’t that far off – and soon we’ll be outside again enjoying our small trailer!  I’ve long said that being at the trailer is one of my favourite places.  I step into the trailer and it’s like all the problems and worries of the world are left outside.  I don’t quite know why but it’s how I feel.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s trailer site along Lake Simcoe and I’m planning to do lots of floating in the warm water enjoying the summer sun.

Nice bedroom
At home in the RV

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