Patio stones are in place – now waiting for spring

For the past three years we’ve had our trailer at a park between Brampton and Georgetown.  It’s been good and we’ve enjoyed the location.  We were in an area of the park that gave us quite a bit of privacy.  In fact we had no trailers in sight – only behind us.

We’ve now decided to move the trailer and much to our surprise we’ve decided to land at Jackson’s Point.  The great advantage, and there’s a few, is Lake Simcoe.  We love to float on the lake and we’ve got a couple of nice tubes to do so.  So frankly we’re already dreaming about next summer’s warm winds and being on the water!

But there’s a winter coming and a few things to complete before next summer.  One of the things I wanted to get done before the ground freezes was placing some patio stones down for a shed…and to my delight I had a helper for this project!  Noah joined me for the day and while it didn’t rain until just near the end of our work, it was a muddy task.

We laid lime screenings down for the stones to go on and worked to get it level and…well, almost square!  Come spring we’ll get a shed on it.  Here’s just a couple of photos from the day.

All smiles with his work gloves

which weighs more?  Noah or the bag of screenings?

On goes row 3

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