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Where does God live?

I am not meaning to sound heretical at all, but having just returned from Alberta and the beauty of God’s creation it is easy to think that if God was choosing somewhere to dwell it might be right here.  The Psalmist often talked about lifting this eyes to “the hills” and in viewing the spectacular features of the geography was reminded that his help came from the Maker of Heaven and earth.  Mountains have that kind of impact upon people, especially when the birds call out, the stream flows by peacefully and the stillness of the moment is not interrupted, as most of our moments seem to be now, by the roar of industrial life.


In case I have not been entirely clear, I do not believe for a moment that God lives in a geographical location – far from it. The truth today for anyone who is willing is for God to reside in our “hearts” – that is the center of our being. God’s greatest creation is, of course, you – me – the man or woman made in His image.


52 years old

I was down the road from the office this week and saw this car pull into a spot near me. I approached the driver as it was a familiar model.  It was a 1965 Pontiac Parisienne and it was in great shape.  It turned out that he’s the original owner and has been driving it for 52 years. He had it repainted 5 years  But imagine driving the same car for 52 years!!

No heated seats, no power windows, no satellite radio, no pollution controls. It’s really amazing how much technology is now part of our car experience. Not this one.

I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone that is driving a car this old and it’s their regular car – not a collector’s item.


In demand

I took this photo at an antique dealer in Hamilton ON

I heard this week that there is a sudden demand for typewriter repair men….it seems that a younger generation has discovered the typewriter and rather likes it. While no one makes typewriters anymore what the young people thought was neat was that it didn’t need electricity!