Celebrating Amanda

She’s smart, she’s kind, she’s a wonderful wife, a great mother, the kind of lady you want to know and have in your life! And that’s just the beginning.

As we’ve gotten to know Amanda over the years, here is what we know.

  1. She’s fiercely loyal
  2. She is really smart
  3. She’s an avid reader – so she’s got lots of good knowledge
  4. She sees the best in everyone
  5. She’s honest
  6. She’s creative
  7. She is beyond doubt a best practice Mom
  8. She knows her boundaries
  9. She knows her children
  10. She knows how to build bridges
  11. She doesn’t build walls
  12. She looks after her neighbours
  13. She loves bright colours
  14. She loves the outdoors
  15. She loves her family
  16. She is a woman of deep faith in Jesus

Yes, I could go on.

Happy birthday Amanda – we love you!!

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