Home is where the heart is

April 15 will mark our second anniversary of taking possession of our home. Imagine waiting until you’re 64 to buy your first home. Will it be our only home – I hope so. I should perhaps rephrase that “home” has always been with us, that this is the first house that we’ve purchased. And yes, I never thought we would own a house! But now this house is our home.

I stood outside the house this afternoon with the sun very warm on my back and the lovely blue sky gave the day and me a sense of hopefulness. What is more soothing than warm sun and a clear sky? I can remember being at the cottage with my grandmother – I called her Nanny – for the entire summer. The long wooden dock stretched out over the blue lake with a sandy bottom, and I would lie on the dock in the warm sunshine feeling like this was the best place in the world.

This place was in many ways my summer home for many years. The day after school ended Nanny would arrive in her Cadillac with my Uncle Jim, and off we would go only to return right before school started up again. I can see, especially in reflection now, why my Grandpa would have loved this place and would have developed as much as he did.

So as we get ready to celebrate two years of mortgage, two years of renovations and home ownership it is with the recognition that the LORD has blessed us in more ways than we can count. Not just in where we live now, but that He provided for us in all the homes we’ve ever had. Sometimes we were so poor that I really wondered what we would do to get to the next week, and we’ve been blessed with laughter and good health and a wonderful family.

Home is where the heart is, so the saying goes. Home is where we are!

And should you be a certain age and wondering what is in Wendy’s hand, that’s a phone. But you can’t take your picture with it!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    We’ve been blessed to always have a happy home one filled with God’s love and His provision for all our needs and I too am so very grateful for all the blessings that have been mine, especially many summers at that spot on Lake Cecebe

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