Will there be another trailer?

“What are we going to do this summer?” That was the question Philip asked the year we moved from youth work, where we had spent our summers at Camp Selkirk, So for him, he really didn’t remember summers that weren’t at camp.

That got Wendy and me talking. Our minds had been taken up with our move, trying to hire staff for camp, cleaning up two houses, and getting ourselves to Ottawa. Frankly, we were exhausted. I think what our summer would entail wasn’t first and foremost in our minds.

As we talked the idea of buying a trailer was something we began to explore. If you are going to buy a trailer you need something to pull it with and we had a very small car and not a great amount of money. We began to visit RV lots and talk to salesmen. I wish I knew then what I know now but in the end, we found a very small trailer. It had two beds and a cooler – not a fridge. No furnace or hot water heater… it was as basic as you could get.

It was a Palamino and we were thrilled to buy it. By the time we got all our stuff, the kids, and us into the car I am sure we were pushing all our limits. Going uphill was always a challenge.

For 7 years we had a great time as a family with this little trailer tourning around Ontario and even a trip down the east coast to Florida and back!

late night campfire

In 2005, with a larger vehicle, we decided to buy a larger trailer. We thought we had hit the jackpot – were in the lap of luxury. We had a fridge! A furnace! A bathroom! A hot water tank! A couch! We were by then in Calgary and we began to explore the west – heading into BC, Idaho, Washington State, Montana, and the mountains near us. We had so many years of joy in our trailer.

Our campsite

A few years ago we gave the trailer to Phil and Amanda. Phil has worked to renew the trailer and now they are enjoying it. With our retirement looming in front of us, we are asking the question, do we want to buy another trailer?

Can we afford it? Is that the best use of our resources? Can we find something a bit smaller and lighter – something not as basic as the tent trailer but smaller than the Surveyor.

I’ve started a list of possible options. Some are crazy expensive and some are not well made, but here’s three options I think we could consider:

  1. Yiking Ultra-lite 16SFB
  2. R-pod RP-171 (by Forest River)
  3. Micro Minnie 1708FB (by Winnebago)
Viking Ultra-Lite 16SFB floorplan. The 16SFB has no slide outs and one entry door.

This is the Viking – and what we like is a dry bathroom but with a weight closer to 2700 lbs. All these have some of the latest technology – like wired for solar energy, LED lights, and much better water resistance.

The other question we’re considering is if we shouldn’t just spend money on hotels and not worry about storage, insurance, and extra fuel costs…. but we really like being in a trailer!

r-pod RP-171 floorplan. The RP-171 has no slide outs and one entry door.

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