Planes, trains, and ferries

Monday the weather had momentarily calmed down in Edmonton, and while snow and winds were promised for later, they were not knocking on the door as I headed out the door for the airport. The forecast for Vancouver didn’t look good and heavy rain seemed unavoidable.

The flight over was good and I began my re-reading of Eugene Peterson’s A Long Obedience in the Same Direction – which did not disappoint and I managed to polish off 10 chapters before we landed on the tarmac.

The approach was rocky as we were buffeted around by the winds coming in and I noticed people hanging on to someone or something tightly as we approached – I kept reading and drinking in Peterson’s insights and questions.

As the rain pelleted the windows the captain announced that due to lightning in the area the grounds crews had been sent inside and we would need to wait……more reading….

Finally, the all-clear was given and we headed inside giving me the opportunity to connect to the guys and determine how we would get to Horseshoe Bay. We took the Skyrail into the city but partway in they announced technical difficulties with the train and we were asked to disembark and wait for another train….then into the city where we just missed the express bus to the ferry terminal. Eventually, the next bus arrived but as we waited it was interesting to watch a number of people chasing their hats down the street as it was so windy.

We missed the ferry by 15 minutes which meant waiting 2 hours for the next one and even as we were crossing to Landon (Gibsons) they announced that other ferries were being cancelled due to the winds.

We took a smaller boat, thankfully with an enclosed cabin, over to Keat’s Island and then a small bus through the forest to Barnabas.

And there it was, the small lights of the buildings and walkways shining in the night – always a pretty sight in this lovely setting. I did get a very short video inside the new building, just to give you a sense of the ongoing development of the property.

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