Lori’s Country Cottage

Wendy may have found her new quilt shop – well not really new. She used to go here when we lived in Edmonton before but these guys have moved and expanded. She was delighted, to say the least especially when she saw that they were carrying products from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

After our experience in Leduc, it was great to find a well-appointed shop and friendly and helpful staff – plus they required us to show proof of vaccination to enter the shop which we applauded and appreciated. Wendy spent quite a bit of time and found a few things she was looking for. She was very happy. She also discovered that she was still in their database.

As well we saw on the way out that they had been organizing trips for quilters including one to Pennsylvania and the Lancaster area.

We’re having a great time touring around the area and so far we’ve stayed fairly close to home!

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