Building a better world

Perhaps you know the scenario – it’s a beauty pageant (not sure that is still a thing) and the host approaches one of the beautiful candidates for the crown of Miss ??? and asks the question: “what one thing, if you were able, would you wish upon the world?”

And the candidate, after a brief pause, replies: “world peace”. Everyone applauds.

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Yes, world peace. A wonderful premise. But how? How does one bring upon this tormented world a peace that is both wanted and needed. How do you bring leaders to a table to save the lives of both men, women and children? How do you bring those who hate to a place of tolerance at the minimum and friendship at the best?

Jesus does promise that one day this will be our reality – that He, as the Prince of Peace, will resolve these matters and bring peace and justice forward as was intended in the garden of eden.

But what of the immediate? What about now?

The TV host Ellen Degeneris always ended her show with this one phrase, “be kind to one another”. I am fairly certain that Ellen is not a Christian but she’s got that part right – and in fact it’s a Biblical injunction.

I mentioned this one Sunday morning to a congregation and suggested it would make a pretty good benediction, “go now in the love of God and be kind to one another”.

When I was in the Rotary Club – and I was in several – they had a motto which we would repeat, so I have in my memory. I think it could serve as a good guide to working towards peace, at least in our own world.

Is it the truth?

Is it fair to all concerned?

Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

Is it beneficial to all concerned?

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