It’s Saturday – again.


Another work week is over and with it we look towards a new month and see the time counting down to our departure to Edmonton. We’ve been trying to get out for a walk around the block more often as the weather improves. There are a few flowering trees that we’ve been watching develop. We have a number of magnolia trees in the neighbourhood. We also have a few lovely cherry trees.

What a delight to see the earth coming to life after the winter and the dormancy of nature. It never ceases to amaze me to see the earth being pushed up, the tiny buds swelling with life and the seemingly dead grass suddenly be resurrected to a moist green carpet.

Just down the street is a cherry tree – such sweet cherries bursting out. I suspect the people living in the house have no idea what is growing over their lawn as they seem to make no effort to collect or eat them. They just let them fall to the ground and there are hundreds of lovely deep red cherries on the tree.

The blossoms are lovely too and they don’t last long before the seeds begin to grow and the cherry develops.

May is herer!

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