It’s another gift of love

Every once in a while when we’re visiting a quilt shop Wendy sees something that she brings someone to mind. In this case, she found some material that made her immediately think of Amanda. I’ve said before, Amanda has a gift to see the best in others. In a word, she IS kindness.

So when Wendy found this material a quilt was born in her mind. And it was a quilt for Amanda.

Getting to a quilt takes time and I’ve tried to document something of the process here.

First find the fabric…

The Log Cabin – Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania

Wendy does have a few places that really inspire and The Log Cabin located in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania is one of those places. They had a sample quilt hanging – and when Wendy saw it she thought of Amanda!

Wendy decided to do two of these with two different colour combinations… as below.

The very beginning

The instructions lay out the pattern and give the measurements. One of these times I am going to record Wendy doing all the cutting – there are hundreds of measurements and cuts.

the design wall

As the fabric gets cut and sewn together Wendy posts them on her design wall so she can see how they sit next to each other and line up. This is always an interesting time and looking into the hallway lets me know in a glance how she’s doing.

The quilt she was doing was based on three panels, which I just loved.

Kindness does change everything
the second quilt

The change of fabric gives it a very different look but holds on to the delicate and colourful presentation. The top stitching came out great too.

Wendy giving it a final inspection

This photo let’s you see the quilt top and the padding which goes between the top and the backing to give it that nice warm and soft feel.

We usually buy this in Pennsylvania

The final part is to trim and put the binding on it. Wendy has really mastered the art of doing this on her machine and so it goes pretty quickly.

on goes the binding

And then, in this case, it was to wrap it up and send it off for Christmas! Wendy also created a lovely matching pillow.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Wow Wendy is a talented and skilled person with everything she puts her hand to, wonderful to see this quilt for Amanda how great is that

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