Calgary 1937

Seven years into the Great Depression, The Salvation Army has been impacted by the removal of General Bramwell Booth from office, the development of the High Council, and in Canada the development of our social work in more institutional ways. In the world, it was 1937 that Henry Ford instituted a 32 hour work week. In a secret meeting with his staff, Adolf Hitler tells them he intends to go to war. There are the beginnings of war already under way with Japan and in Spain… and The Salvation Army is celebrating 50 years in Calgary.

From the 50th anniversary pamphlet

The booklet which celebrated the first fifty years of The Salvation Army in Calgary. Has many interesting pages, but these two struck me – of course in those days Eaton’s would be a very significant economic force. Who would have thought that they would fail and have to close?!

Clearly the celebration of fifty years was a real focus for The Army that year. There is so much to understand of life in that year, and of course the shadow of war was forming in many parts of the world. I’ve been quite fascinated by the history of George Carpenter, who in 1939 was elected The General and led The Army during WW2. He retired 1946 and was Promoted to Glory in 1948. He is a notable figure in Salvation Army history.

Here’s a wonderful film portrayal of the High Council that elected him, and the setting of Sunbury Court before it’s renovations. It’s only 1 minute 16 seconds, but quite interesting. Enjoy.

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