A country outing

After a lengthy board meeting, virtually of course, we went for a short drive to get some fresh air and see something other than the inside of the house. The lovely autumn colours are abounding currently and it was nice to see a small country road, just two lanes, with ditches on either side and lots of red, orange, yellow and brown leaves reflecting the wonderful bright sunshine.

After a short drive just north east of the city we stumbled across this little road side farm with a stand selling pies, honey, fruit, vegtables and of course pumpkins. They had ducks and chickens, some of whom had got out of the enclosure.

We picked up some lovely fresh blueberry turnovers and a raspberry pie. Wendy got some honey for baking with and I got some photos!

One little guy was walking around the parking lot…. and didn’t seem to be too worried about people or cars – so with his courage, I don’t know why people who are seen to be afraid are called “chicken”!

We went over to visit the ducks and chickens that were penned up and this little guy was very interested in me and my phone! He almost took my finger off as I finished taking his picture.

While the day was cool, the warm sun and the sense of being out for a bit felt good as it appears we are going to have to endure many weeks of less than adequate freedom to roam and to be with other people – especially family.

Stay safe – wear your mask – wash your hands – try to stay a positive influence to those around you.

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