Ice Cream!


After a rather hot, humid Sunday afternoon we headed off to do a couple of errands and picked up ice cream for the kids at the end! In case you think that we’re driving around with Ted sitting on the floor, we stopped in the parking lot to eat our treats and invited Ted to come from the back.

One of the things we’ve tried is to get the kids involved in things we are doing – both to keep them busy but also so we’re together as much as possible. These two weeks are a gift to us and we want to share something of our lives not just be the entertainment. I think sharing our lives, what is important to us, what we like to do, some of the rhythms of our days is a good way for the kids to get to know us.

So I love ice cream! And I love gardening.

Beth gets a turn

Last year I had Rachel help me water at the end of the day. This year Beth wanted to help too! And at the same time she’s learning the names of some of the flowers too. I remember my Nanny Eastland had a big garden out the back of her home and I was allowed to eat the green beans off the vine, pull carrots from the ground, wash them off under the hose and eat them fresh! In fact I think drinking from the garden hose came as an option when I was with her! Do kids still drink from garden hoses?

Rachel’s turn to water the dry lawn

Rachel had her turn and managed to spray me! So then we had some fun with the hose! I think she liked the idea of getting a bit wet.

And here’s the great joy of sharing time with your grandchildren, we get more joy out of just being with them than anything they might do. And we get to see them developing, changing, growing and becoming the people they will grow in to.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    and what happy memories you are making, like the memories I have of my Grandma and that you have of Nanny Eastland, they are precious when you are older and look back with joy

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