Is it chimley?

My Dad had some funny pronunciations. Like for example, he would say chimley for chimney, or human bean for human being. I suppose we all have some funny sayings – like how do you pronounce schedule? Does it sound like skedule or chedule? The english language is pretty hard to master even for those of us who have been speaking it all our lives.

As I get older I find myself sometimes pausing when I get to a place in the sentence and I can’t quite find the right word… I find myself sometimes saying, “the word I am thinking of is… but that’s not quite the right word.” It seems bizzare but as I get older I find my mind is not as sharp as it once was.

So whether it’s trying to get the right word or the right pronunciation isn’t it true we all find some part of English a challenge. And even if you can find the word, have you mastered English grammar?

I have a friend who speaks 6 or 7 languages and it just seems natural to him. He picks them up quickly and while I am no judge of his mastery of them he does seem to do well.

How is his brain wired? Maybe it’s a gift of God.

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