I’m going to be a photographer

That’s a 1966 Pontiac Beaumont behind Mom and . My Dad really liked the car and seemed amazed when he bought it that they had moved to such a large vehicle. It didn’t have power steering, and it was a standard with the shift changer on the column…some people will need some help from Google to understand what that means. It had a V6 which Dad seemed very happy about. I had no idea what that meant and I remember Dad opening the hood to show me the larger engine and explain what a cylinder was and how it worked.

Hanging around my neck is a camera – likely my Mom’s camera! And likely a Kodak camera. I think I’ve always like cameras and the process of going from image to published. Of course today it’s a much different process and phones are cameras. We also are living in a culture where everyone lives for the audience via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…

I bought my first really good camera, a Ricoh, when I was 18 with interchangeable lenses, light meter and tripod. I was thrilled at what I could do. Eventually I bought a second camera and further equipment and started doing family portraits. I did some free lance photography for some small newspapers and a few Army publications. I even was hired to be the “official photographer” for one of the Newfoundland Congresses.

Eventually I began the process an application to take the three year Photography Program at Humber College. I didn’t follow through on that for a number of reasons but photography has remained a hobby. The evolution of equipment has been amazing when I think back to my first SLR which as 35mm and completely manual. Now digital and almost completely automated some of what I thought was the fun of setting up a shot is gone, but the ability to get a great shot is amplified tremendously.

Bridge in Banff

I think I will always enjoy photography both for the art of it and in the capturing of a memory to enjoy out into the future.

What have you always loved doing?

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