Very inexpensive haircut

So we’ve reached that point in the pandemic. We’re healthy but beginning to show that we could use a haircut.

Years ago, and for probably ten years, Wendy always cut my hair. We were always tight for cash with two growing boys, so it was easy and it was cheap. I’m not sure when, but at some point, I began going back to “the professionals” to cut my hair, not that there is much to manage at this point in my life.

So today we went back to the future and the old trimmer, stilling running well, was back out and Wendy’s skill as a top-notch haircutter was on display. It was a bit chilly outdoors to do this, but we were just outside the side door and of course, it didn’t take long! Sort of like running the lawnmower over the 18th hole of a mini-golf course!


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