How to really celebrate


In July 2000 we had just moved to Calgary from Ottawa. Wendy’s birthday is in July so I took her up the Calgary Tower for a birthday supper. I had bought an ice cream cake for dessert and asked the boys to set the table out on the deck for a nice dessert and tea/coffee when we got home. I called the boys as we were leaving so they knew when to expect us.

When we arrived home the boys had put on their good clothes on so they were “dressed up” and had taken the sparkling water (as you can see in the picture) in a good china bowl with ice! (Where did they learn that?)

They served us like we were royalty!

It was wonderful! I was so proud of them. Wendy was surprised and thrilled.

About three years later, I was talking to a neighbour, who we didn’t see often because they lived behind us, they told me what great boys we had because she had seen this play out on that evening! (That reminded me that you never know what your neighbours witness!)

At any rate – I thought on that night we REALLY celebrated Wendy’s birthday.

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