Authenticity is apparent

Saturday evening the Canadian Staff Songsters were at Agincourt community church to present their program of music and testimony. I’ve been to many of these over the past four years and enjoyed them all.  Many of the songsters have shared something of their faith, something of their personal story. But this evening Becky, that is Rebecca shared one of the best stories to date.

Becky is articulate. You don’t need to chat with her for long, even casually, to know this.

Saturday evening Becky told how she had been asked to share and as the week progressed she struggled to find a focus. But then at practice, as we sang about God’s view of our struggle, our pain, our surrender as being “better than a hallelujah, she began to reflect upon her own life and her own journey. She began to realize, as she expressed so well, that God delighted in our willingness to give the parts of our lives which are less than easy, less than perfect, are a sweet offering to God.

I have not expressed this nearly as well as Becky, but what really caught me was the depth of her authenticity as she talked about being a young Mom, a wife, a teacher and how all these roles made keeping up, keeping well, keeping positive difficult. Her authenticity gave the whole thing a depth and realness that is often missing when we talk about our faith.

So thank you, Becky, for doing this so well.


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