Christmas is coming…again

It was the Christmas party for THQ on Friday and while we were taking some pictures of the executive team, I got Wendy to join me for a selfie! Well, wouldn’t you know that Shelley decided to jump in for a photo-bomb! She’s lots of fun and we’ve enjoyed working with her and Dusty.img_20191213_141532-collage

The team picture below tells a story too. This is a smart and good group of people and we really enjoy working with them. They are energetic, sincere and each works to make a difference for the whole territory. We have fun too and as 2019 comes to an end I would say I wouldn’t want it any other way.img_20191213_165325

Ted and Beth are celebrating Christmas at school too and as they wrap the first part of the year here’s Beth with a craft she made at school when her Dad visited for their Christmas celebrations! Don’t you just love her smile?  There are more smiles to come Christmas morning!


Finally, in going through some things in our current efforts to declutter we came across these from days gone by. Perhaps you have some too if you took your kids to Sears for family photos. The small pendants were available for a very small fee or as part of the overall picture package. We got them and obviously kept them. They remind us of days gone by when family life was busy, noisy and lots of fun.


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