Top YouTube Videos

I got into blogging because we had just moved to Calgary (2000) and those were early days of the internet. The dial-up access, if you are old enough to remember that (can’t believe I just typed that) meant sending pictures took a very long time.

As we were new to Alberta and the mountains I was writing to my parents and trying to send them pictures of us in Calgary and out in the mountains. It was a painful process…can you hear the buzz click of dial-up in the background?

But uploading to the blog was relatively easy and then I knew our families could all see our lives in this new setting.

Then came video! I bought a small camera that did video and I was captivated by being able to produce my own little movie. I thought about my Grandpa Eastland who I do not remember but who left behind B&W 8mm video! Wow.  The next step was to move to YouTube and to create a channel! All these years later it’s interesting to look back and see what is accumulating.

I’ve created playlists of the grandchildren, of our camping, of music… and so on.

Here are the top 3 most viewed videos that I’ve created…just for your viewing pleasure! Some are better quality than others depending on how I recorded them! Comments are welcomed.

#1 most viewed


#2 most viewed


#3 most viewed


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