There’s a lot of things that make travel, especially air travel, a tiring experience.  Between the amount of waiting that goes on, the change of time zones and eating in restaurants, it can easily turn from, what might appear on the outside as glamorous, to a dulling, wearing journey.

However, there are some really great things too. I’ve been to every province and territory in Canada. I’ve met some fascinating people along the way too. I’ve had a long conversation with the costume and set director for Schitt’s Creek. I had a wonderful journey to Halifax with a nuclear physicist. I’ve talked to Premiers and TV personalities. I have been to so many cities and seen some great sights!

I’ve enjoyed the warm sun and breezes of Bermuda and waited out a blizzard in Iqaluit, Nunavut. I’ve done long journeys in the car and short walks around the block.

I don’t know how many important politicians and very wealthy people that I’ve had a meal with!?  And those are opportunities to have some wonderful learning conversations.

All in all, travel has its ups and downs. (Dad joke)

On our last trip I took three pictures as we arrived back home.  There’s a picture of the wing contrasted with the ground, a picture of another plane going the opposite direction (can you find it?), and an A380 passing us on the ground. Fascinating is how I see this…

What kind of travel have you done? Who did you meet?

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