Winnipeg again

I am always grateful for the invitations that Wendy and I receive to visit corps around the territory.  A year ago we had a wonderful time in Happy Valley/Goose Bay in Labrador.  Brent and Melissa demonstrated mature and insightful leadership. Their connection to their community was quite amazing.

Again this past weekend we had the opportunity to be with another wonderful couple who have this same kind of mix of organizational and relationship gift.  Mark and Denise have embraced the north part of Winnipeg and are connecting with people, many of whom are young, or new to Canada, or finding their way out of difficult home situations. I was amazed at the mix of people squeezed into a very small space which was charged with energy and anticipation for what God is doing in their midst.

Of course you can’t be in this mix without meeting Gunner – the welcome sergeant for their church plant. And he works for food scraps!


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