A new Bible

Lots of people buy new Bibles – well not as many as I would like – but lots do.  I had one particular Bible that I really treasured. It was the Bible that I used as a corps officer in Ottawa and Calgary.  I studied using it, read for inspiration and just worked to understand and communicate it.  I marked it up, stuck tabs in it and over time even recorded events of our lives at certain chapters and verses.

But it’s been falling apart for some time and so I’ve been debating what to do with it as I wanted to preserve all those notes!  When we were in California I went looking for another Bible I could begin to transfer notes.

davI really treasure my Bible and love revisiting the notes and comments that I’ve added along the way.  Occasionally as a corps officer, someone would comment to me after a Sunday service, “you’ve preached on that before, I have some notes in my Bible”.  So I know I’m not the only one who likes doing this!

Are you a note taker – a note maker?

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