Happy birthday Carlyle

Dear Carlyle,

You are two years of age today.  That’s a whole life time for you…for us it seems like just a few moments.  You were a gift from God to us all…especially your parents of course…you are their first and only at this point.  But you are a gift to us all and while you will develop more and more of your own will, at first guided and directed by your parents, but eventually you will develop your own values which we pray will be your guiding principles.

We will pray for something else that you are too young yet to understand.  We will be praying that you will also be guided by the Spirit of God.  We are praying for this because we believe that  God can and will protect you, guide you, bring goodness into your life, help you make big and small decisions and find your way in a world that will not always be a safe place for you.

Your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family would like to keep you safe.  We will try but we can’t be with you always and there are going to be times when you are hurt, or discouraged or even defeated.  You can know that we are cheering for you – praying for you – caring for you.  We want the best for you.  But we want you to know that no matter what we are ready to love you – in whatever form that you need, in whatever way you need, in whatever time you need.

God bless you Carlyle May.

You won’t likely remember the day you turned two but I hope you’ll never forget how much you are loved.


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