Finally in the picture

Wendy and I were talking about the great family pictures we have and how we wanted to get a few prints so I loaded up a usb stick and we headed to Walmart (where all great photographers take their work) and we had a few enlargements made.  One of the pictures we chose was one taken on our front steps our first summer back in Ontario.

I had taken the one posted here so I wasn’t in the photo and frankly I wasn’t concerned.  What was important was capturing us together.  After eleven years in Alberta we were simply delighted to be together.

Suddenly a man came walking along the sidewalk and opportunity to be in the photo emerged.  Unfortunately our friend was inebriated and the resulting photographs were nothing but blurry.

Fast forward to now and the ability to be in the photo!

It might not be a professional photo but it is one of our favourites.


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