The twins go out for dinner

Beth’s tiny foot

At last a report from our visit to see Jason, Susan, Rachel and Ted and Beth.  Wow would be a good work to associate with this visit and busy might be a second word. While Wendy was with them 2 weeks I was only there for four days but we did get an outing to Jungle Jim’s in and a supper for 3 adults and 3 children (even if 2 aren’t eating off the menu) makes for a busy table. That was Ted and Beth’s first big outing!

We all fit in the mini van

If you have twins with you – and if they are just two weeks old then you get many more comments and questions than if you just have three children.

We were pretty proud grandparents and our smiles were extra big as I noticed people looking and talking about the babies!  We are very grateful to Ken and Cathy who made this visit extra easy through their kindness.

We are already looking forward to our next trip!

Rachel and her |Mom headed out

Rachel wears her back pack so she has all her things!

dinner out – guess who is paying

Grandma and Beth – looks like Beth is very pleased about her first restaurant outing

Big sister watches

Ted is napping on Mom

Rachel – is she trying to scare us?


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