People along the way

The past month has been a blur – not because my eyes are bad – though my eyes are bad – but because I’ve been doing quite a bit of travelling.  A round table meeting in Montreal for Salvation Army church planters – we have quite a few who have planted quite a few new churches.  Then it was out to Edmonton for a rural ministries conference, back to Toronto for a bit and off to St. John’s for a quick tour from Deer Lake down to St. John’s …a few days with the new grandchildren…then off to Montreal for 2.5 days and then back to Edmonton for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings.

There are a few things I noticed along the way.

One is the vastness of this land.  Many time zones, long flights, many hours of driving and lots of interesting restaurants.  I also note that the people, regardless of the area are wonderful – well most of them are.  I had some great conversations.

I spoke to a scientist who is an atheist yet is desperately looking for hope.

I had a wonderful conversation with a woman who grew up north of Inuvik (look it up on the map!)

I sat next to a professional woman at the airport who told me about her kids and grandchildren…and the heartaches of her kids and grandchildren.  She was very interested in The Salvation Army (“I shop at your stores all the time”).

I had meals with some great officers – and was treated so very well by them – they enriched my life.

I listened to mournful wale of a woman abused by her mother (who was high on drugs)….

And many more conversations.

I was weary at the end but glad for the journey and the people I met.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people – you be glad you did too.


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