Harvest reminds me of our life

We were recently on a day out with the staff and near the entrance was this large red tractor.  I asked Wendy to join me for a picture.  I think it’s good one and reminds me again of how wonderful our partnership is – here in front of a machine that was designed for the very basic but essential work of developing the fruit of the land I found myself thinking about the fruit of our love, the fruit of our labour.  We’ve been through many things – too numerous to list here – but not too numerous for me to remember.

I think autumn, harvest if you wish, is a natural time to stop and think about such things and to feel grateful for the variety of blessings that have been ours.  And I would add grateful for the hard times which caused us to turn to each and other and to God who has blessed over and over.  We haven’t been perfect people or perfect partners or perfect parents.  But we’ve been blessed people, blessed partners and blessed parents.

You might too be thinking of all the twists and turns of life and where God has been in your life.  Thankfulness is never out of season.


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