General Bond meets Pope Francis

General Linda Bond greets Pope Francis

The newly elected Pontiff has made it clear that he believes that The Church should be poor and it should serve the poor.  That simple statement has been picked up by the media and highlighted a contrast that has been noticed by almost everyone.  Even his insistence in returning to his hotel to pay his bill in person has taken up news headlines.

The world might be cynical about The Church but it’s definitely taking note of this humble leader’s early actions.  His example should be noted by us all.  Well let me speak about myself.  I think I could live more simply.  And we could all be more interested in others – in the poor.

It might not be the mark of a 21st Century North American but serving the poor and taking on a simple life style has few champions.  Most of us, truth be known, love to be comfortable, served and safe.  Most of us aren’t too anxious to be more uncomfortable, less served and at some risk.

In this picture Pope Francis is greeting General Linda Bond, the international leader of The Salvation Army and a woman.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what the conversation is about and what the Pontiff thinks of a woman leader!

What do they have in common?  A desire to serve the poor.

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