A lane for the selfish

Normally I leave ranting to Rick  Mercer.  He’s good at it AND he’s got a guy with a camera, who is obviously gifted at walking backwards. taping the whole thing for us to laugh at.  Me?  I have this blog and my Mom and 3 or 4 friends who occasionally take a look at what I’m posting.

Yet I have decided to rant….a bit

Lately I’m finding that I’m really annoyed at some drivers using HOV lanes, the HOV hogs.  You’ve seen them.  They drive in the HOV lane – the acronym for high occupancy vehicle – by themselves.  They don’t have any passengers even though the lane is clearly marked for 3 passengers or more AND they scoot along just waiting for a point to cut into traffic in the other lanes.  They don’t seem to have any concern about the rest of us, who are in line patiently putting up with the slow lanes. We can all clearly see that they are alone in the car.  Not even a second passenger.

Wendy and I are together every morning and even though there are two of us in the vehicle we aren’t qualified to be in the HOV lane.

Countless cars with single drivers zip by us hoping to get as far as possible in the HOV lane before taking their place as close to the front of the line as they can make it.

I wouldn’t mind if these folks got pulled over occasionally or we saw some evidence that the city was trying to enforce the rule.  But like most of the rules of the road in this part of the world it seems they aren’t really worth the paper they are written on let alone the tin the sign is painted on.

So here’s my suggestion.  I think you should name it what it is, the BAP lane.  This lane is for buses, bikes and arrogant people who believe their time is worth more than the rest.  Let’s try it and see how it works?

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