How to keep your blog going

There are two questions that I hear bloggers, or would be bloggers, ask?  They wonder what to write about and how to keep it going day after day.

What to write about it is a good question – some feel that to be successful (not sure what success looks like yet) you need to write about what interests you, in other words what you have a passion for, and you need to be consistent so that your readers will return.  I can’t help you with what to write about – but I’ve always found that there are so many things I could write about I have to reduce my writing to just some of those ideas.  Maybe it’s because I use to journal.  I wrote in a journal for years.  In a journal you can be a less protective.  On line there are things I would never share.

Secondly I get asked about how much time it takes each day.  The assumption is that I blog each day – and there are times when I do.  However most of the time when you see a blog post (like this one) it was written days ago.  I find that often when I want to write I can come up with several topics – or a varitey of things happen in my life and I want to share them all.

I’m often down in the basement at home at my desk putting together several blog postings. Then I simply schedule them for the days to come.  This post is one of five that is sitting in cue.

Using the tools of software can really help.

So thanks for dropping by – I trust that God is blessing your life!

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