Ottawa Health Institute

Self portrait

The past few days we’ve been in Ottawa at the Heart Institute visiting Wendy’s Mom who has been admitted following tests to identify a serious issue for those of you in the know.  The surgeon seems confident that the surgery will restore her to better health but informed us that she has had this for some time – maybe even soon after her heart surgery in 2001.

Our bodies are amazing – the integrated systems balanced to maintain health are a wonder of God’s design.  Modern medicine too is amazing in its ability to correct and aid the bodies own system of repair.

The Heart Institute staff have been great – very caring and professional.  Her surgery isn’t going to happen until July so in the meantime we covet your prayers!

In the meantime she had a visit from Senator Dr. Keon came around to visit Ruth – and was looking into her case.  Her attending surgeon will be Dr. Ruel.  A talented surgeon and a pianst too!

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