Gaining perspective

Right now you’re looking to the right and either thinking…”what a cute little girl isn’t she so sweet”…or “what?, more baby pictures?…how many are you gonna post Waters!”.

Perspective is everything isn’t it?  Find something close to your heart and you’ll talk about it until all your friends can hardly stand to hear another word; you’ll pour yourself into it and make sacrifices to protect it.  However if you have no emotional investment, you will have no interest, or a passing interest at best.

We see this, strangely enough about our cars.  Go and buy any car – brand and model don’t matter.  Suddenly driving about you see dozens of others.  You’ll think to yourself, “I don’t’ remember seeing so many X brand around before.”  That’s because you’ve cared little if X brand was on the street or not.  But with your investment, and of course a large investment you now have an emotional tie to what happens.

The debate inside churches about what music is sung, and who plays it, is largely tied to what is close to people’s hearts.  They have grown to love and learn from the old favourites and suddenly some young guy or gal straps on a guitar and starts singing songs that have no emotional connection to the congregation.  Uproar ensues.

So yes, I have a number of pictures, truth be told, hundreds of photos, of this little girl.  She has, as I’ve said before, stolen my heart.  I have a big emotional investment in her.  She on the other hand has a hard time remembering who we are from visit to visit.  That will change in time.  She’ll learn that she has lots of people around her that love her deeply.

There’s no guarantee that she’ll always reciprocate.  Parents understand that.  Sometimes our kids seem to do what hurts us.  They say or do just what they KNOW will strike at our emotions – and all because they know how much they are loved.  Love and power are inverse.  The more you love – the less power you have over another, and yet the power of love is enormous.

In fact the power of love is so enormous it can cause people to do lots of sacrificial, even deadly things.  Is there anything more powerful than love?

So yes, there are a bunch more photos of our little girl Rachel.  She’s as sweet as can be…and while she has yet to say our names, or really understand who we are, I think she does sense our love for her.

If there is a gift you can’t get too much of, it would be time with her.

By the way — have you noticed how hard it is to feed a baby and not open and close your mouth with them?

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