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Long Distance Grandparent

Technology is a wonderful tool.  I heard someone say this week that the internet is a gift from God – indeed it is and we love using it to stay in touch with our family.

We use Google Hangout to connect with family. It works well and can connect us at one time across the country.

In a recent talk with Rachel (age 2) she pulled up a picture of her Uncle Phil, Aunt Amanda and cousin Carlyle which she refers to as “baby”.  She wanted to show us the picture on the camera and even at age 2 seems to understand that she can hold it up to the camera and we can see it.


Technology is a wonderful tool to be connected when you’re a long distance grandparent.


Rachel loves the trees

It was a warm evening this past Thursday evening and so after supper we went for one of our regular walks around the block.  It use to be that we couldn’t go too far before she wanted to be carried – but not now.  She loves to run and hug the trees!  Here’s a small record of our rather long walk.

She really loves her ball

Hi Grandma!

I really love my ball

Can you see how tall Rachel is getting?  She is a delightful little girl.

As you can see she’s got her little yellow ball.  My sister Leanne bought this for her this past summer on her first birthday.  It has turned out to be one of her favourite toys and she loves to sit facing us and roll the ball to us.

So nothing too serious in this post – just marking the further growth and development of Rachel.