Happy Birthday Philip

2005- Kananaskis

Phil is far north today – north of Peace River AB as he works on a oil & gas site today as an EMT.  Though he`s far away he`s on my mind today.  Both our boys are now grown men – married and living independent lives.

I want to say how very proud we are of Philip – who is a very determined, disciplined young man.  He`s accomplished a great deal for someone of his age and continues to demonstate a high commitment to personal and professional development.  When he was in school we struggled to get him to class, to study, to read …to be engaged in learning.  Somewhere along the way he decided – determined – to be a life long learner!

Phil loves the outdoors and is active in the mountains where he lives.  He is a skilled carpenter and has demonstrated on a variety of levels that he has considerable math skills, is creative, and is able to teach complicated concepts in a relaxed and understandable manner.

Married to Amanda – they make a great team and I can only imagine what they together will accomplish!

So happy birthday Phil – be safe, keep learning – and remember how much your family loves you!  Remember how much I love you.

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