Made with love

Wendy writing….The love of a grandmother!

Every quilt needs a label and this one I found at the Embroidery W.  I inserted into the design the special little girl’s name that the quilt was created for, my granddaughter Rachel Emma.

I am enjoying trying out the new skills I learned in classes at the Red Deer Sewing Centre.

The software that is used on the computer is the Digi Jr by Janome.  You can insert a file that is downloaded from an on-line store or from purchased CD software.  It then allows you to customize the message or edit the file.
The file is then saved and transferred to the embroidery machine and stitched out.

I find the software to be similar  (but a little more complex) to Microsoft’s Publisher.

I hope every time Rachel sees this label she’ll remember how much she is loved!


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