Playbook 2.0

BlackBerry released it’s 2.0 OS for the Playbook while I was in Texas.  The download was quick and easy and a few changes were evident immediately.  I like the interface, the new look of the Apps page and of course they were kind enough to throw in a couple of free apps for a limited time.

What I’m not sure about is that one of my apps disappeared.  I’ve been using my Playbook for recording meetings – especially where I want a record for minute taking/keeping.  Somehow that app is gone.  The voice files are still there but where’s the app?

Second I’m having trouble downloading apps.  Now this may be where I was and the fact that our internet service was a bit sketchy.  That being said I didn’t have trouble uploading photos to my blog or using gchat.  Being home will give me a chance to see if I’m just having some hiccups.

As for my Playbook I’m really enjoying it – finding the size to be a great advantage.  The quality of the camera is excellent and the sound recording superb.  With the new OS the PlayBook will be able to run Android Apps.  Someone said to me – that sounds like a game changer – the jury is out on that but it certainly addresses the significant weakness of the PlayBook.  I read recently that PlayBook is now up to 35% of the market share in North America with the price reduction on the Playbook and it is the younger crowd that has embrace it.

It was that group that launched Apple into success with their purchase of the iPod.  Will they do the same for BlackBerry?

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