Texas thoughts

Tonight I’m sitting on a large wooden porch looking out on the green grass of the T Bar M Ranch just outside of San Antonio Texas.  The sun has set and the lights of the grounds are gorgeous as they reflect in the leaves of the trees. The night air is warm and moist – the crickets are chirping.  People are in the hot tub.  It sure doesn’t feel like winter.

My re-entry into cold, snowy Toronto tomorrow may be a bit painful.

Apparently a few folks have seen an Armadillo on the grounds – they are nocturnal.

This is the end of week one of the Executive Stream of Arrow. Some good learnings, some great new friendships, and a fresh blowing of The Spirit in my life.

I’ve been reminded of the truth “Leadership isn’t above you – it’s within you.” – that’s my quote by the way!  I’ve been grateful for this opportunity.  I would be happy to tell you more if you want to have a conversation.

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