Post 2000

Remember Y2K?  We turned from 1999 to 2000 and everything controlled by computers that hadn’t been programmed to roll over to 2000 would suddenly grind to halt.  Gas wouldn’t pump, ATM’s would freeze, payroll wouldn’t function, Visa cards wouldn’t be invalid…it would nigh unto Armageddon.

Well this is Post 2000.  This was post number one entitled “Winter has arrived“.  That was an original title don’t you think?

Narcissism being on the rise, it seems that blogging places me into that camp and assures me a spot in therapy at some point.  Seeing that my office is within 20 feet of Pastoral Care perhaps I’m almost there.  That being said, the discipline of daily writing, the sharing of our lives and events, and the connection with people, who I barely know who approach me with these words “I read your blog everyday” – well it has been a good thing.

So as we move on to post 2001 and beyond I suspect the next year will prove to be interesting if nothing else as we watch Rachel grow, travel to other parts of the country, and Wendy and I make our nest in Canada’s largest city.

Thanks for reading – and remember, comments are welcome!

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